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Antalya's best souvenirs

Antalya is the place to shop. Leather and clothes, bazaars, outlet stores and designer goods, plus plenty of oriental delights. Why don’t you make your trip last longer by taking the best ingredients home with you?

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Best baklava

Show me a heart that doesn’t melt at the sight of a slice of baklava. Oriental ecstasy packed with delicious calories between layers of filo pastry. Ünlüoglu sells them freshly baked with a seductive sweetness. Choose from diamond or oblong shapes flavored with pistachio, hazelnut and walnut.

Ünlüoglu Baklavari

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Cooling smoke

Cool, mild and vanilla or fruit-scented tobacco smoke. Nargile, also known as a hookah, is one of the most appreciated pleasures of the Orient. In Antalya, you can buy everything from classic water pipes to variants seemingly inspired by Hollywood kitsch.Kaleici Nargile Shop, has a large selection. There are also more vendors in Antalya’s old covered bazaars.

Kaleici Nargile Shop

Recep Peker Caddesi 3 b, Antalya

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Timeless candy

As chewy and sweet as wine gums, but with natural flavors and ingredients, Lokum, also known as Turkish Delight, has been satisfying sweet teeth since the days of the sultans. In Antalya, you’ll find the highly reputed Yenigün 1914, that’s now run by a fourth generation of candy makers. Mint, pistachio and rose water are amongst the most popular flavors.

Yenigün 1914

Cumhuriyet Caddesi 5-7

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Dreams in cotton

Perhaps you’ve already wrapped yourself in them at a Turkish baths. Pestemal Hammam Towels are as much a steam bath delight as a scrub and massage. The family owned Aydede store has been supplying Antalya with beautifully patterned fabrics in 100% cotton for decades. This small, beautiful place in the old town also sells bathrobes, towels and bags.


Hidrilik Sokak 27

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Turkey is said to be the world’s number one tea consumer per capita. It’s not difficult to understand why. The humid, terraced tea plantations on the Black Sea coast produce teas with a weak but distinctive nutty flavor. The neighborhood shops and department stores in Antalya sell packets of favorite teas such as Rize Turist, Altinbas and Hemsin Organic Çay. In the covered bazaars here, you can also buy tulip-shaped tea glasses with saucers and serving tray, and traditional çaydanlik teapots. Migros grocery stores have a good range of teas.

Migros grocery stores

Migros Shopping Center, Atatürk Bulvari 3

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