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Europe’s Best Airbnb Getaways

Europe’s cities offer the best havens for a weekend getaway – whether you’re looking for a bit of warmth in the south, or a cozy, cooling weekend in the north, here are some of the best Airbnbs on the market.

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Akureyri, Iceland

Find comfort in the great wilderness of Iceland. With space for four guests, this house complements its surroundings with wooden panels and expansive windows. You can witness natural wonders all year around, whether it be the aurora borealis or midnight sun, and take a drive to witness glistening waterfalls. Iceland is also known for its fantastic music festivals and design, all accessible within a short drive of Akureyri’s city center.

Moderne apartment

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Florence, Italy

With Tuscany’s beautiful countryside just outside Florence, this Airbnb Plus offers a luxury stay in a treehouse, 20 minutes outside the city. With rustic details and floor-to-ceiling windows, this space absorbs its environment and helps you do so too. And yes, there’s even a pool, tennis court, olive grove and vegetable garden for you to indulge in.

Casa sull'Albero a Pochi Minuti da Firenze

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London, England

This former Victorian chapel has been transformed into a four-guest apartment. Featuring stained-glass windows and a spiral staircase, this place features typical British style architecture with a modern twist. To top it off, some of London’s trendiest neighborhoods, including Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market, are all within a 15-minute walk of the apartment.

Former Victorian Chapel in the East End

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Barcelona, Spain

Enjoy Barcelona old-school style in this fresh, cozy loft. With exposed brick, wooden ceiling beams and vintage décor, it’s a retreat that perfectly matches the city.

Loft-Style Studio

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Helsinki, Finland

Stay in this Nordic-design studio apartment in Helsinki’s design district, where you can roam the local shops and cafés (with vegan-friendly options!) The flat is a 10-minute stroll from the sea-side and close to the city center. You’ve even got access to a rooftop terrace.

Studio Apt in design district

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With over 100 kilometers of canals, it only makes sense to use waterways as a place to stay! This houseboat has more than you need for a fun family trip or getaway with friends with a full kitchen, plenty of space to move inside and a beautiful patio to sit and take in the unique atmosphere of this city.

Houseboat near city centre

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Get creative in this artist’s retreat in Copenhagen. Located in the French district, this Airbnb offers somewhere to both relax in the garden alcove and explore the buzzing city just beyond its doors. This apartment has a truly unique interior, down to the details. Its charm is undeniable, with 100% 5-star rating from guests!

Artist's Retreat in Copenhagen's French Quarter

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Last edited: February 14, 2019


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