The Vidden hike starts with a cable car ride and great views over Bergen.
The Vidden hike starts with a cable car ride and great views over Bergen.

Photo: Bergen Reiselivslag / Espen Haagensen - visitBergen.com


Panoramic scenery at Mount Vidden in Bergen

Situated on the southwest coast of Norway, Bergen enjoys one of the most spectacular natural settings of any European city. Surrounded by mountains and fjords, there are endless activities for anyone who loves the great outdoors. The one-day walk along the Vidden plateau, an exhilarating hiking route that takes you from Mount Ulriken to Mount Fløyen, offers a unique mix of cultural history, wild highland nature and breathtaking panoramic views.

 The hike from Mount Ulriken to Mount Fløyen takes around six hours, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and stunning views. The walk is graded as medium and is suitable for families. For more information, visit bergenbasecamp.no

Start: Mount Ulriken

 The “Vidden” hike starts with a bus ride from central Bergen, followed by a cable car up to Mount Ulriken. At 643m above sea level, Ulriken is the highest of Bergen’s seven mountains. Enjoy the fantastic view of the city before setting off on your hike across the Vidden plateau. If you like to eat before you walk, you will find Sky:Skraparen Restaurant at the top of Ulriken. You can eat in or buy food to take with you, but be aware that this is the last food stop before the end of the hike.


 At Storfjellet, the hike passes under the Store­varden cairn. At 662m, the cairn is the largest ever built in the mountains of the Norwegian fjords. A stop here offers breathtaking views with dramatic drops down to Isdalen as well as stunning cityscapes and vistas stretching as far as the islands to the west, Eldsfjellet to the north and the Bergsdal Mountains and Folgefonna glacier running from east to south.


 The Borgaskaret Pass is located approximately halfway along the hike. It used to be the only pass through which to cross from Bergen to the inland and was used to carry post and messages from the international sea-trading city of Bergen to the remote Norwegian inland. It will come as no surprise that the modern city of Bergen is surrounded by tunnels.


 Another of the seven mountains that surround Bergen, Rundemanen stands tall at 568m, making it second in size only to Ulriken. It’s not easily visible from the city due to being largely obscured by Fløyen. The view from the top stretches all the way from Ulriken, across the Vidden mountain plateau, to the islands west of Bergen.

Finish: Mount Fløyen

 Situated just above Bergen, Mount Fløyen is the best spot to see the cityscape. And if all that walking has worked up an ap­petite, you will be pleased to know that Fløyen is home to two restaurants – Fløien Folkerestaurant, with its brasserie and à la carte menu, and the less formal Fløistuen, where you can sip a warming cup of coffee or cocoa, or cold pint, as you marvel at the view. Your hike ends by taking the Fløibanen funicular back.

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